1. Silhouette
2. Happily Never After
3. Restore
4. 24時間

ep. 1 BURST
woss ent. 2019 ©


"it's only been a moment,
it's only been a lifetime,
but tonight you're a stranger."

ig: hyojeny | twt: haechanderulo

byf & dfi


-i have a tendency to be sarcastic
-i remove people if i feel uncomfortable having them follow me
*you're younger than 14
*you keep a follow ratio
*you use any slurs
*you have a tendency to be toxic

don't bother rq if you anti any of my groups or fit any of the 4 bullets above


Group List

"i see only you,
is not real first love happening?
i do not have time again."

vixx, got7, astro, seventeen, day6, the boyz, exo, sf9, knk, great guys, golden child, mamamoo, onewe, verivery, trcng, red velvet, itzy, onlyoneof, cix, busters, newkidd, enoi, jbj95, eric nam, chungha, kim donghan, jimin park, sam kim, youngjae, lim jimin, jeong sewoon, samuel, roh taehyun

ults & semis

a.c.e- yuchan
up10tion- dongyeol & wooseok
nct 127- jaehyun
nct dream- chenle
ateez- wooyoung
victon- subin
magnum- yoshinori
onf- seungjoon
txt- yeonjun
1the9- jinsung
berry good- sehyung

up10tion- jinhyuk
ateez- san
treasure- hyunsuk
twice- tzuyu & jeongyeon
wayv- yangyang
n.flying- cha hun
yellow bee- seolha
oneus- woong, seoho & ravn
dreamcatcher- sua
we in the zone- shihyun



"you've forgotten me and erased everything,
you're doing great,
i guess i'm the only one like that.
i can't waiting in your mind."

jeno ♡ emma
byeonghee ♡ elsa
changkyun ♡ lex
baejin ♡ amity
jennie ♡ heather
soonyoung ♡ jac
seonghwa ♡ mel
vernon ♡ karlee
joshua ♡ jordyn
jacob ♡ mo


Ult of Ults

"wherever i look, you're there-
so my days are always beautiful.
i used to be expressionless but i'm smiling every day.
you complete me, you're every part of me."

    jung wooyoung